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Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Anklet

Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Anklet
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Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Anklet

  • Brand: Juzo
  • Series: 5760 Silver Sole
  • Gender: Unisex|Men's|Women's
  • Compression: 08-15 mmHg
  • Style/Length: Mini-Crew/Anklet
  • Condition: Diabetes|Sensitive Feet
  • Fabric: Athletic|Diabetic
  • Toe Type: Closed Toe

Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Anklet

Whether you're a diabetic, a runner, or you're just looking for support socks with extreme comfort, Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Anklet might be right for you.

These Juzo support socks offer a cusioned sole, so you keep your active lifestyle, and forget about your foot irritation. These support socks also feature silver-knit anti-bacterial properties, a channeled toe seam, and a mild but comfortable compression level.

Made with cotton and patented x-static silver fibers.

Available colors: white, black, pink.

The following are the corresponding Jobst catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 5760, 5760AA, 5760AA43, 5760AA06, 5760AA10

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