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Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C

Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C
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Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C

  • Brand: Sigvaris
  • Series: 500 Natural Rubber
  • Gender: Unisex|Men's|Women's
  • Compression: 30-40 mmHg
  • Style/Length: Knee High
  • Condition: Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)|Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)|Moderate/Severe Swelling|Varicose Veins - Moderate/Severe
  • Fabric: Durable/Unisex|Natural Rubber
  • Toe Type: Open Toe

Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C

This pair of Sigvaris circulation hosiery combines medical innovation with maximum levels of relaxation and comfort.

These high quality compression hose offer a very firm compression level, for patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis and chronic venous insufficiency. They provide an open toe design, as well as a double-covered textured yarn construction, for enhanced durability and breathability.

Crafted from 70% Nylon and 30% Natural Latex Rubber.

The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 503CS1O , 503CS2O , 503CS3O , 503CS4O , 503CM1O , 503CM2O , 503CM3O , 503CM4O , 503CL1O , 503CL2O , 503CL3O , 503CL4O , 503CX1O , 503CX2O , 503CX3O , 503CX4O , 503CS1O77 , 503CS2O77 , 503CS3O77 , 503CS4O77 , 503CM1O77 , 503CM2O77 , 503CM3O77 , 503CM4O 77, 503CL1O77 , 503CL2O77 , 503CL3O77 , 503CL4O77 , 503CX1O77 , 503CX2O77 , 503CX3O77 , 503CX4O77 , 503CS10 , 503CS20 , 503CS30 , 503CS40 , 503CM10 , 503CM20 , 503CM30 , 503CM40 , 503CL10 , 503CL20 , 503CL30 , 503CL40 , 503CX10 , 503CX20 , 503CX30 , 503CX40 , 503CS1077 , 503CS2077 , 503CS3077 , 503CS4077 , 503CM1077 , 503CM2077 , 503CM3077 , 503CM4077 , 503CL1077 , 503CL2077 , 503CL3077 , 503CL4077 , 503CX1077 , 503CX2077 , 503CX3077 , 503CX4077

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